About Revesby Heights Rhino's

Our Mission, Vision, Values & Goals

Our Mission is...

The club’s primary mission is to promote and teach the sport of rugby. To create opportunities for youth to play team sports where they can learn essential skills and life lessons which  will develop player athletes to their highest potential in a positive environment while encouraging discipline, commitment, integrity and respect both on and off the field.


 Our Vision is...

To be  recognised as one of the best lead in providers of future rugby professionals and community representatives. 


We aim to achieve our mission by working hard to build the following core values:

- Develop mutual respect for each other, and a commitment to excellence, innovation, integrity and quality in everything we do. 

- Ensuring that our club, family, friends and visitors are in a clean, secure, and comfortable environment. 

- By helping our sponsors build their brands and grow their business. 

- By making our community a better place to live through our support of worthy social causes. 

- By involving our guests in the game as active participants—not merely spectators. 

- By understanding who our supporters are, and reaching out to them. 

- By working hard to make Rugby the most popular and friendly sport in our community. 

- By being proactive and accountable in carrying out our mission 


Our Values are...

Respect - Through acknowledging that everyone is an individual and  treating people with courtesy, thinking and acting in a positive way about yourself or others .

Teamwork -  Each team member understands that to succeed, everyone involved needs to combine their efforts. Each team member acknowledges everyone has their own unique role, but each person's individual role must be recognised and appreciated. 

Sportsmanship - Fostering  positive attitudes, respectful behaviour and promote small gestures and heroic efforts  among all club players and supporters.

Integrity - Promoting honesty and self awareness within players and members, by consistently  doing the right thing at all times and in all circumstances, whether or not anyone is watching.

Humility -  By redefining winning not as the scoreboard,  but as their ability to give 100% effort, learn as much as possible and  move forward from mistakes. Redefine losing as; losing is not defined  by the scoreboard results but by letting yourself and teammates through  sub-par effort, by not learning from the experience so that you can  improve in the future. 

2019 Executive Committee



 Gabe Cataldo 

Vice President


 Peter Wunderlich 



Chris Sellars



 Rita Sellars 



 Graham MacDonald 

Media Manager


Michelle Wunderlich

Volunteer Manager